Beginning Marquetry Class

A One-Day Workshop

Beginning Marquetry Class – A One Day Workshop

Marquetry is the art of painting a picture using the medium of wood veneers. Each piece of veneer is cut to fit precisely together using a double

beveled stacking technique.  In this workshop, high-end scroll saws and commercially sawn veneers are used to create the work.

The standard framework for this Workshop is:

9am – 12pm

          Students are given an introduction to the tools and materials used in marquetry.   

          Students practice cutting out and gluing in shapes.

          A design is drawn up with an overview of composition.

          Students start working on their designs, learning how sequence their cuts,   use grain direction and shade with hot sand.

12pm-1pm  Lunch


          Students continue working on their designs with demonstrations, commentary and guidance.

          Students are given a handout of marquetry resources.

Cost of the class is $250.  There can be up to 2 students per class.

The date of the workshop is arranged with the student.