The Stanfield Horizontal Mortiser TM

Feel free to call me with any questions. I live in Bellingham, Washington.
-Tom Dolese 360-393-7577

Essential Furniture Building Tool

The Mortiser has been an essential machine in my shop since I bought one of the original Stanfield machines 27 years ago. The beauty of this design is that all your adjustments or settings are quick and easy since they are right in front of you and the wood stays put while the router moves in all three axes. The parts for the machines are made for me here in Bellingham by a very capable machine and CNC shop, Irongate Machinery.

Just about everyone who has bought one of the machines has taken one of my classes or seen it in my shop. I need to make a few more videos demonstrating how it’s used since the article in Popular Woodworking has taken me off guard!

Mortiser Cost

The current version of the mortisers are $1,875, which includes ¼ inch and 3/8 inch end-mills, 3/8 to ½ inch collet reducer and two clamps.  We recommend the Milwauke variable speed router (5616-20).  Montana Tool sells them for 189 dollars. Ask for Steve and mention my name or the mortiser.  Their number is 406-721-6425

Mortiser Setup

This is what the basic set up looks like (the old top had laminate on both sides and the clamps may change). Here's some videos showing how the mortisers are used.